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Get Your RV Value at Cleveland RV Sales

Is RV consignment for you?

Currently it is a challenging market for people who intend to sell their RV on their own. RV owners face problem areas like arranging RV financing and does the person who wants my RV qualify to buy it? Is your interested buyer trying to offer you a trade? As the seller, what’s your legal obligation to the buyer of your RV?

Cleveland RV Sales offers consignment of your RV!

Here at Cleveland RV Sales, we offer consignment of your RV. It is to your benefit as a seller to use our services. Cleveland RV Sales can arrange financing, RV service and safety inspections. Our RV consignment program can even take a trade to make buying your RV easy for the perspective buyer

How do I consign my RV with Cleveland RV Sales?

It’s really easy. Fill out the form!

Then simply wait, and collect payment when your used RV sells.

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