We are consignment sales experts

With more than 30 yrs of experience in the RV Industry we know how to market, demo & highlight your RV.

We do carry a few new Travel Trailers but our main focus is consignments.  

We take the headache out of the sale.  You don't have to advertise, wait for appointments, worry about

strangers coming to your home or haggle with them as they insult your unit hoping for a better price.  We sit down together, determine a fair price that you can live with and go from there.  You tell us how much

wiggle room there is and how often you want to be contacted.

How do you set a price for you RV?

That is an important question.  If you overprice your unit, it probably won't sell and you may miss that serious buyer but if you underprice it you could lose hundreds of dollars.  That is where we can help you.

Many people turn to NADA for pricing but it is just a guide, there are so many mitigating factors that you

have to consider.  Another tool is online pricing: what people are selling for on-line but there again, some people are ridiculously overpriced and some advertise low prices as bait,  so you have to learn how to decipher the on-line ads.  We have a good grasp on what the units actually sell for and we have dealer tools that also help us. We want to help you sell your unit quickly with the most profit possible. Call for a free consultation. 

We also offer service & detailing when wanted.  A clean unit that works properly builds confidence and makes your unit more marketable.

We have over 13,000 people that pass by our dealership daily and we advertise heavily.  We are committed to selling your camper or RV for you.

Feel Free to contact us and discuss your consignment options.

 call 706 865 5690 

or click here to email Shonn@Clevelandrvsales.com


Tel: 706-865-5690

Hours of Operation

Mon -Fri 9 am - 5 pm  Saturday 9 am -3 

Service: Mon-Fri  9-5

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- Pack Bearings

- Awning Fabric Replacement

- Free Roof Checks

- Roof Coatings/Replacement

-Leak Repairs

-Floor Replacement

-Heat/Air repair

-Appliance repair

- Battery Change

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